On-Demand Webinar

Be Your Company's RPA Hero: How to Navigate the RPA Journey to Build a More Efficient Business

Set yourself up for automation success
June 24, 2020


While we still don’t know the full economic impact of COVID-19, what we do know is that we’re in for a new way of working. Companies are looking to streamline processes to help optimize costs and resources. And they need solutions that bring quick ROI and help build business resiliency.

Join Paul Necklen, Director of RPA Technology at HelpSystems, to learn how a robotic process automation (RPA) solution can help your organization be more efficient and productive. He’ll discuss:

  • How RPA can help your organization through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
  • The 6 steps of a successful RPA journey, so you can get going at your organization
  • Where and how companies are seeing quick wins with RPA

Begin your path to a successful RPA journey so you can help your company work smarter.