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Bring the Power of Automation to Your Cloud Apps

June 7, 2018


Cloud computing is fast becoming the status quo as organizations across every industry look to build out their technology capabilities quickly and cost effectively. In fact, HelpSystems research indicates 65 percent of businesses are pursuing a hybrid approach with both cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Regardless of where you are in building out your cloud presence, you may be overlooking a great opportunity to leverage automation for time-intensive or repetitive tasks. 

Just a sample of cloud applications ideal for automation:
•    ServiceNow®: Automate password resets and other routine help desk activities.
•    Salesforce® and Microsoft Dynamics®: Run regular reports or opportunity lists from your CRM.
•    Amazon Web Services (AWS®): Integrate on-premises data with Amazon cloud databases, queues, and servers—or archive and offload large files for storage.
•    Office 365®: Create and publish daily sales or accounting Excel® reports or auto-generated Word® documents such as customer correspondence to OneDrive® or SharePoint®.
•    Outlook®/Gmail™: Monitor an inbox for invoices or help requests that need immediate attention.

In this webinar, we share automation case studies for each of the cloud applications above and more to help you pinpoint how Automate can help you improve day-to-day, cloud-centric workflows in your business.

You’ll learn how Automate can enable you to:
•    Save time and increase efficiency for each transaction
•    Free up agents for higher-value, customer-facing tasks
•    Increase accuracy across hundreds or thousands of transactions

Watch this eye-opening discussion and demo on what you may be overlooking when it comes to automation within your cloud apps. 

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