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Automate Intelligent Capture Demo

Your Exclusive Look at Intelligent Document Processing in Action
March 9, 2021


Traditional robotic process automation excels at processing structured data. But unstructured data, found on forms and invoices, is difficult to analyze because it has no pre-defined structure.

With intelligent document processing from Automate Intelligent Capture, you can leverage AI and machine learning to extract meaning from all types of data and documents, eliminating manual data entry, document classification, and analysis. Empower your business to maintain control of critical information—with more speed and accuracy—so you can supercharge your automation efforts.

During this on-demand demo, our intelligent document processing experts:

  • Reveal how easy it is to enhance your existing automation capabilities and experience automation accuracy at 95 percent within just weeks of setup
  • Highlight how to eliminate costly steps, including document classification, building templates, manual data entry, and document analysis
  • Demonstrate how to capture unstructured and semi-structured data to extend the benefits of automation across your business
  • Show real-life use cases, including intelligent invoice processing in accounts payable and business forms processes used in mortgage processing automation

Watch this exclusive demo to see what's possible with intelligent document processing.

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