How Can You Use Easy Web RPA?

4 Use Cases for Web Browser Automation
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June 25, 2019

The internet has made our lives easier in so many ways, especially in the workplace. Most information you need can be found at the end of a few clicks. But when your daily tasks require information found online, even the simplest website actions—like clicking buttons, downloading files, and navigating windows—can add up to a big chunk of time when you’re repeating website actions over and over again. But with robotic process automation (RPA), you can hand over these tedious tasks to software bots to streamline your workflows and get back your precious time.

Find out how these four organizations used RPA for easy website automation to streamline their critical website-related processes.


1. Automate web browser actions to log into websites and validate information

Florida-based PSCU Financial Services provides backend financial and IT services to hundreds of credit unions. "One of our services involves continually checking credit unions' online applications to be sure they are up and running. At first, we were doing manual checks every 30 minutes around the clock. It just wasn't efficient," said Michael Aldrich, Information Technology Supervisor, Response Center. "We needed a way to continue providing the service without taking support people away from the phones."

PSCU found an alternative to manual website monitoring with robotic process automation. With Automate, RPA software from HelpSystems, they can assemble automation sequences simply by dragging and dropping their choice of hundreds of pre-programmed web browser automation actions ranging from "Send Keystroke" to "Open Webpage" to "FTP Logon" into a visual task-building window.

It took just 20 minutes to automate the website monitoring duties. After specifying the keystrokes required to log onto each site, Automate software can execute the job by following the keystrokes in the proper order to simulate user input and validate the availability of client-facing web applications and check for server outages.

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2. Automate website monitoring to prevent downtime and alert stakeholders of outages

At HelpSystems, the web team works to make sure customers are always able to access their website to find solutions to their IT problems. Even with a team spread across different time zones, nobody can physically monitor the website 24/7. If a critical error occurs out of working hours—or if no one knows about it—there’s no way to quickly resolve the issue.

Chris, the web support specialist at HelpSystems, found that using RPA for website monitoring would be a simple yet effective way to mitigate this problem. In less than 10 minutes, he was able to create an Automate task to scan the website and identify errors and send out alerts via text message, email, and SLACK to key stakeholders who can step into action. Automate’s bots are well-equipped to perform these checks during all hours of the day so the web team can rest easy knowing that their bots are working alongside them to keep the website up and running.

See how Chris uses Automate for website monitoring:


3. Automate web data extraction to capture and consolidate information from external websites

MetTel is a large telecommunications provider with a bundled service offering that makes billing easier for customers. At first, this service made things much harder for employees, requiring 40 employees to manually log into websites to capture and consolidate customer billing information—a long and tedious process prone to human errors.

With Automate RPA, software bots are now in place taking over these steps which greatly reduces the repetitive, manual activities, and improves the quality and consistency of their work. They’re even able to expand their automation strategy to include automating their network monitoring—combining monitoring with automated remediation to improve response times and eliminate repetitive work for more teams within MetTel.

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4. Automate clicks on buttons and drop-down menus and navigate between browser windows

Vestcom produces customized shelf-edge marketing solutions ranging from basic pricing labels to integrated price/promotion communications for merchants. Customers requiring a new batch of labels or other shelf signage transmit product information such as UPC number, item description, and pricing to Vestcom via FTP, secure FTP, VPN, or email. Then employees must follow several tedious steps requiring lots of manual pointing, clicking, and navigating between different browser windows to work with the data.

"Given our transaction volumes, preparing customer data for printing required 150 to 200 hours of pointing and clicking per week when we were handling it manually,” says Ron Evans, Vestcom's director of data center operations. "We needed to automate our processes to keep our labor costs under control, minimize the potential for human error, and ensure we meet our customers' expectations."

Automate’s RPA bots have the power to move from screen to screen and choose from various radio buttons and drop-down menus in different windows—both in web browsers and application GUIs. Their automation strategy saves them time by eliminating the manual work and slashing data processing errors to the near-zero level.

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Robotic process automation is powerful enough to handle any task or workflow involving web browsers to help you eliminate tedious manual processes. Automate can streamline website interaction with automated navigation, clicks, input, extraction, and more. By putting bots to work alongside your human employees, you can give them back the time they were spending on manual website actions so they can focus on more value-adding activities.

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