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Chapter 6 | Automate Triggers

Learn how to trigger a specific task upon startup of Automate. Pat Cameron, Director of Automation, gives you a guided tutorial on setting up a startup trigger in Automate. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Start a task to run reports, start an application, or any other process that needs to be done as soon as you log in to your workstation
  • Set a trigger to begin a task upon startup of Automate when any user logs on, or when a specific user logs on

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Pat Cameron:                    Let's take a look here at the start-up trigger. This trigger is used, as it says, to start a task on Startup of the service. So, when the automate service starts up on your server work station, or when any user logs in to the server, or when a specific user [00:00:30] logs on, and you can have multiple users there. As they log on, it will automatically start up a task. These tasks could be, maybe you want to run a report immediately, start up an application that needs to be up and active when that server is active, or maybe start up all those applications that you need to start up when you log in to your work station.

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