Scale Your Automation with Automate Plus (Video)

Most businesses start automating by implementing software to handle a specific process. File transfers get unmanageable, too many daily reports need to be generated, or onboarding paperwork is keeping the HR team from important recruiting work. The company finds a solution—either purchased from a vendor or built in-house—and saves a few hours.

As your business grows and you want to increase your automation footprint, one of several things might happen. If your automation solution isn’t capable of growing with you, you might end up purchasing a more robust solution down the road. This will help you achieve strategic automation in your organization, but it isn’t cost-effective to keep replacing your software as you outgrow it. More commonly, businesses just keep adding software and custom scripts to solve individual problems. Pretty soon you have a sprawling mess of solutions that don’t work together.

The best strategy is to choose a product that can scale to meet your unique needs, small or large. In this series of videos, Richard Schoen from HelpSystems demonstrates some of the advanced modules Automate Plus offers to support your enterprise automation strategy.

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Watch the latest video to learn how Automate Plus uses agents to scale alongside your business.



An agent—sometimes called a robot—is a physical server, PC, or virtual machine running automated processes. An Automate Plus agent is limited only by the CPU or memory allocated to that machine—the software doesn’t put any artificial restriction on how many processes can be run. That means your digital workforce can be as large or as small as you need it to be.

In the video, Richard runs through a few examples of what your scalable virtual workforce can accomplish. In a call center, for example, Automate could be used as a virtual assistant to help human employees enter and access data from multiple systems. Watch the video to see more examples of what Automate can streamline.

Automate Plus also has a module that lets you monitor and manage your automated workflows from any device, anywhere—critical once you are running automation at scale. The Automate Plus Ops Console was the subject of the first video in this series.

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