RPA in Action: Automated Report Generation for Accounting

If you’re in the accounting department, the end of the month can mean long hours and late nights compiling your month-end reports. Things get even more complicated when your company is spread through diverse geographies and your accountant in North America has to wait until midnight to log in and run reports quickly before Europe gets on the system and makes changes.

With robotic process automation (RPA), eliminate the need for manually generating reports and let your accounting team get the sleep they deserve. Here’s how you can achieve automated report generation with Automate, the RPA solution from HelpSystems. In this demo video, you’ll see how an RPA workflow interacts with accounting systems, like Sage 50, to automatically generate general ledger and budget reports and save them to a shared drive or email them to key stakeholders.

How Can Automate Improve Your Accounting Processes?

See how Automate can streamline your accounting processes—and more—with a customized demonstration of the software’s core benefits and features.