IT Capacity Management

Make sure your IT department can provide the right resources at the right time. Learn how capacity management solutions enable IT to do capacity planning and manage system and server performance.

Save money by rightsizing your servers and systems to meet your current and future needs.

Mitigate risks by predicting problems and preventing them before they occur.

Increase flexibility by arming yourself with knowledge of your current capacity and performance.

Without Capacity Management, IT Struggles

To say IT teams are busy is to say the least. And that’s why many find themselves reacting to problems—instead of proactively preventing them.

The average IT department deals with six fires each week, according to a recent Kelton survey. Putting out each of these fires takes three hours and 16 minutes—and typically involves eight staff members.

When there’s constant firefighting on top of day-to-day operations, there’s little time for IT to do anything else.

Yet, IT teams are called upon to do more than ever. The CIO’s role has shifted from overseeing IT infrastructure to supporting the business in new opportunities (and driving business value). Making sure you have enough capacity to accommodate increases in demand is critical.

At the same time, the business expects continuous delivery of existing services. Downtime is not an option.

If your IT department is going to be the partner the business expects, you need to take control of capacity and performance.

And that’s not always easy. Managing IT capacity and performance is getting more difficult—especially as more workloads virtualize and move into the cloud.

To move the business forward, you need accurate capacity plans and real-time insight into performance. That’s why you need an IT capacity management solution.

How Capacity Management Solutions Work

IT capacity management solutions give you the tools you need to optimize your entire infrastructure—physical, virtual, cloud, and container.

Typically, capacity management solutions include capacity planning and performance management capabilities.

Capacity planning tools predict demand and capacity. This can be done through modeling using what-if analysis on a specific growth scenario or trend analysis on historical data.

Performance management tools monitor, analyze, and report on performance within the IT infrastructure.

These components work together to give your organization total capacity management. And that, in turn, helps your IT department stay ahead of the game.

“We now have powerful, repeatable processes and analyze faster and easier.”

IT Manager
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Vityl Capacity Management Makes It Easy


Vityl Capacity Management makes it easy for any organization proactively manage performance and do capacity planning.

The software is simple on the outside and powered by sophisticated algorithms (including queuing network theory) on the inside. That means the average IT staffer can do capacity planning with superior accuracy—and get actionable results.

Vityl Capacity Management includes revolutionary capacity planning capabilities. No matter your expertise, you can use Vityl to create capacity plans, automatically predict risk, act on advice, and be the IT hero your organization needs.

Watch the short demonstration to get your sneak preview of Vityl Capacity Management.

Get Started with Vityl Capacity Management

IT infrastructure is much different today than it was ten years ago. And your IT team needs to be smart about optimizing your infrastructure and managing capacity.

With Vityl Capacity Management, it’s easy to get insight into your infrastructure, plan for future needs with accuracy, and prevent problems before they occur.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try Vityl Capacity Management today and see the power of the software for yourself.