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New Data Protection Law Takes Effect in May 2018

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation marks a major shift in data privacy laws—and unlike the EU Data Protection Directive that preceded it, GDPR carries the force of law.

Organisations that don’t abide by GDPR face significant fines. These penalties apply to all organisations that process data of EU residents, no matter where in the world the organisation is located.

There is still time to get your organisation in compliance. And the earlier you start, the easier the process will be. HelpSystems solutions can make GDPR compliance simpler and easier. The resources below will help you understand GDPR’s compliance requirements and what they mean for you and your organisation.  

GDPR Requirements & Impact

GDPR Solutions for Information Security

What Is GDPR?

What’s the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation and who does it apply to? How does GDPR define terms like “data breach” and “personal data”?

Develop a foundational understanding of the law before you begin evaluating GDPR compliance software and solutions.

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What Does GDPR Mean to an IT Manager, CTO, or Systems Admin?

El efecto de GDPR en los departamentos de IT

What Does GDPR Mean to an IT Manager, CTO, or Systems Admin?

GDPR won’t just change the way organisations handle personal data—it’ll change the daily routines of many IT professionals. In some cases, a data protection officer (DPO) will need to be hired or designated.

Get ahead of this shift by learning what the law will mean for you and your staff and learning how to get started choosing a GDPR solution.

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Understanding the 8 Rights of Data Subjects

GDPR Compliance Software

Understanding the 8 Rights of Data Subjects

GDPR provides individuals—data subjects—with eight specific rights related to their personal data. When individuals exercise those rights, how will your organisation be affected?

This checklist explains what the eight rights mean and how your organisation can ensure compliance with GDPR solutions.

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Preparing for GDPR Compliance

preparing for gdpr compliance

Preparing for GDPR: The First Steps to GDPR Compliance

Computing Editor Peter Gothard joined HelpSystems GDPR expert Donnie MacColl to discuss the law’s requirements and what steps you should take first to get in compliance.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about GDPR penalties, the consequences of a data breach, and how to update your corporate policies and solutions to meet GDPR requirements. Donnie and Peter also discussed how to begin identifying the data you process and store, and why this step is necessary.

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The Inside Job

DPO as a GDPR Compliance Solution

The Inside Job: GDPR’s Data Protection Officers

The EU's GDPR describes a role that's new to many: the data protection officer (DPO). What is a DPO responsible for and is your organisation required to hire one? How can they help ensure GDPR compliance? Is that solution best for your organisation? 

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What Are the Top 10 Ways to Comply with GDPR?

Cuáles son los 10 pasos para cumplir con GDPR

What Are the Top 10 Ways to Comply with GDPR?

Learn how you can prepare for GDPR. This list includes steps you can begin taking today to position your organisation for GDPR compliance.

Compliance won’t happen overnight, but you can lead your organisation in the right direction.

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