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By Andrew Bullivant on February 13, 2020

Thanks to intelligent filtering, the Alert Intelligence feature included in IBM i Server Suite improves the quality of IBM i alerts while reducing the quantity, providing increased application availability and system uptime.

Proving that you are meeting service-level agreements shouldn’t be a wasted effort. In fact, it should strengthen your relationship with clients and help your team manage performance in the future. See how.

Now’s the time when schools finalize their budgets for next year. As spending increases on education technology, investing in a network monitoring tool is more important than ever. Find out why and how to justify the ROI to your boss in this article.

Make sure your school’s IT budget includes network monitoring software

Find out why schools choose Intermapper to monitor bandwidth usage and keep their networks secure and reliable.

Read how our network monitoring software was specifically designed for the education sector
person doing forms management

Log File Monitor can monitor the contents of files in the integrated file system (IFS) and raise alerts based on this content. Read on to learn more.

Learn how to figure out your RPA ROI to better determine your RPA budget with the four questions to ask as you look to implement a robotic process automation solution.

Using RPA ROI to determine your RPA Budget

Find out how to work with your Sequel data directly in Microsoft Excel.

By Paul Necklen on December 20, 2019

Learn more about digital transformation and how robotic process automation (RPA) can help your organization innovate the way you work.

Digital transformation with RPA
Using RPA for Email

How many separate job schedulers are you juggling? Don’t let your important processing into a scheduling circus. Stick with a single, sophisticated solution.

Your shop runs more than 30 jobs each day. Your jobs must communicate across IBM i and another OS. You need to monitor them and generate reports for audits or SLAs. Do your existing job schedulers really meet your needs?

ERP automation

Developers, don’t let late-night distress calls from the NOC disrupt your sleep. Workload automation software is not just for operators any more.

Looking for better ways to integrate your Windows, AIX/UNIX, and Linux environments with the Robot Schedule scheduling system? Robot Schedule Enterprise commands can enhance your integration experience.

cloud instance savings
17 Activities for Cloud Cost Optimization

Free SIEM tools often come with limitations that will lead security teams to consider commercial options. How do you know when it’s time to upgrade?

When Should You Replace Free SIEM Tools?

Thanks to robotic process automation (RPA), many organizations are seeing the benefit of having a digital workforce alongside their human employees. Think of them as virtual assistants, taking care of your most tedious, repetitive tasks—plus,...

A Day in the Life Working With Bots

Learn about the strengths and capabilities offered by automation, whether through RPA or BPA, and find out how you can take advantage of the transformative technology.

Strengths and Capabilities Offered by Automation
October 30, 2019

Start your robotic process automation (RPA) journey off on the right foot by learning the people, processes, and infrastructure needs for adopting and scaling automation.

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