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February 19th, 2018

Learn how Automate interacts with stored procedures.

Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software is one of the more powerful tools for companies that need enterprise-scale solutions to mange content, administer business processes, and streamline how people find and share information across the...

Do these steps look familiar?

Launch the web application. Enter username in the username field. Enter password in the password field. Click the sign in button. Navigate to the reports section....

Your IBM i source and target systems may not be identical. But don’t panic! Robot HA has a Swap Audit feature that regularly checks your setup and confirms you’re ready to role swap at any time.

Using triggers is key to your event-driven automation strategy. Learn about the triggers available in Automate and Automate Enterprise

BPA and job scheduling aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, an enterprise may use a job scheduler to support its wider BPA strategy.

If IBM i was part of the Equifax data breach, what could that organization have done to protect their data? Security expert Carol Woodbury has some ideas.

Proving that you are meeting service-level agreements shouldn’t be a wasted effort. In fact, it should strengthen your relationship with clients and help your team manage performance in the future. See how.

November 20th, 2017

Are you prepared for GDPR? Automation is a critical tool to ensure compliance by the 2018 deadline.

Many IT pros have been misled about IBM i security or are making assumptions about features of the platform that were once true but aren’t any longer. This article addresses some common misconceptions.

Learn how to create monitors and set thresholds for seven key metrics that are critical to AIX/VIOS performance.

Read this article and learn where to look outside your application to get end-to-end monitoring of SAP performance.

“Where’s my trial key?” In this short video and article, Kevin Jackson, technical solutions consultant for Intermapper, answers the top three questions he gets about the free 30-day Intermapper trial.

Digital transformation is everywhere. But what does it mean for your documents?

Intermapper creates some of the best dynamic visual maps out there, while still giving you network monitoring and alerting in one easy-to-use tool.

October 11th, 2017

DB2 Field Procedures were introduced in IBM i 7.1 to make encryption projects simpler. Read this article for details about how they work.

By on September 28th, 2017

Is more utilization always a good thing? What other performance data should administrators pay attention to? Find out in this article.

September 22nd, 2017

Your organization needs business intelligence. But how will you sell upper management on your BI project?

Guard against degraded system performance, data loss, and downtime. Make sure you’re monitoring these 15 metrics on the IBM i operating system.

Log File Monitor can monitor the contents of files in the integrated file system (IFS) and raise alerts based on this content. Read on to learn more.

Giving people access to documents is important. But so is document security. Find out how to do both.

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