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Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

The Secure ICAP Gateway complements existing web proxy infrastructures and MFT software to provide an added layer of data security.

MFT Threat Protection

HelpSystems offers seamless threat protection within our Secure Managed File Transfer solutions to ensure every file transfer crossing your MFT platform has been inspected and cleared to continue.

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway

Clearswift’s award-winning Secure Email Gateway to provide the highest level of protection for email, transforming it from a high-risk communication channel to one that is safe and secure.

HelpSystems Data Security Suite

THE PROBLEM Organizations that still take a perimeter-only approach to their data security are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches – because that perimeter no longer exists. Today’s organizations need to share data in a variety of ways, with a variety of people, to efficiently collaborate and do business. This data exchange is happening in complex hybrid IT environments, at an...