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The Difference Between OCR and IDP

Compare optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent document processing (IDP) to learn when to use each to make structured and unstructured data more usable.
Press Release

HelpSystems Launches the Automate Bot Store

HelpSystems announced today the opening of its Automate Bot Store, a marketplace for Automate users to create meaningful automation with pre-built bots. The store’s bots interpret and run tasks for organizations, allowing them to accelerate their automation projects easily.

The 2020 Automate Customer Survey

In today’s business climate, when a pandemic has rapidly changed the way we work, automation has never been more important. In order to better understand just how important an automation solution is, we went straight to the source – our customers! Learn how Automate customers are strategically using robotic process automation (RPA) to impact their organization. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration to...

2020 Robotic Process Automation Data Quadrant Report

HelpSystems Automate Plus was ranked by our customers as a top-rated RPA solution in the market based on the recently released Software Reviews 2020 Robotic Process Automation Data Quadrant Report. See where Automate Plus ranked first across multiple categories within vendor capability satisfaction and product feature satisfaction.