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What's New in Performance and Capacity Management?

April 4, 2019


Vityl Capacity Management is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for organizations to proactively manage performance and do capacity planning in hybrid IT environments—physical, virtual, cloud, or container. Built-in workflows allow you to do all your capacity management activities: monitoring, tuning, root-cause analysis, and predictive modeling.

With our latest release of Vityl Capacity Management, you can:

  • Navigate from monitoring to analysis to capacity planning seamlessly within a simple, intuitive user interface using guided workflows.
  • Get started monitoring performance and planning capacity fast by connecting directly to VMware vCenter and AWS CloudWatch, as well as other 3rd party data sources.
  • Identify correlations and see both the big picture and process-level details across your entire hybrid IT environment in real time.

Don’t settle for performance and capacity management solutions that are difficult to maintain and don’t support your entire environment. Learn how to simplify performance and capacity management with Vityl Capacity Management.

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