Making the Best Capacity Management Tool Even Better

Making the Best Capacity Management Tool Even Better

Capacity planning is important and doable with Vityl Capacity Management |HelpSystems

Where have we been, and where are we going?

Capacity planning has historically been the domain of a few individuals and took days to complete. It had to be completed by data scientists, and data collection, analysis, prediction, and recommendations were time-consuming and tedious. As a result, capacity planning was often not done. And we all know that means outages are a risk. The thing is, capacity planning and performance monitoring doesn’t have to be that hard.

The best capacity planning tool and why it’s the best

All-in-one solution

Vityl Capacity Management is the TeamQuest (now part of HelpSystems) solution, including more robust capacity planning and new performance monitoring capabilities.

Use data from any source—not just from Vityl components

Lightweight data collectors take up less capacity than ever. And even if there isn’t a built-in data collector for your data source, you can collect performance data from any applications, middleware, databases, operating systems, hypervisors, storage systems, cloud instances, and Docker or other containers using a plug-in.

Monitor any kind of workload, including physical, virtual, cloud, or container

Docker doesn’t have built-in performance monitoring, but Vityl can monitor your containers, your cloud instances, your physical on-premises servers, your virtual machines, and all in one tool that also recommends actions.

Exception-based reporting focuses on what needs attention

Instead of inundating you with real-time reports about your environment, Vityl works proactively to mitigate urgent alerts. You have too many machines in your environment to get alerts about everything—and you’d really rather have them all taken care of ahead of time rather than run around trying to fix problems.

Almost anyone can do it now

Capacity plans can now be created by most anyone within an organization (IT managers, application teams, DevOps, business leaders). With Vityl Capacity Management, the simple question and answer workflow allows you to develop capacity plans in just a few minutes.

The plan results are prescriptive, including advice on what to do next.

Create plans in a shorter amount of time

The rookie and the experienced capacity planner benefit. Plans can be created in less time, freeing up time for other high-value business activities. Now in IT environments strapped for time can create and execute capacity plans without giving up other tasks.

Plan for growth before it happens, even if it includes a platform change

Vityl Capacity Management employs wizard-based workflows that guide you through the most common planning scenarios: change in business activity, moving applications to cloud platforms (including AWS EC2), determining how much more can be added to virtual environments, and many more.

If IT needed a way to prove their value to the business, capacity management is a great place to start. Demonstrate cost and time savings with Vityl Capacity Management.

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