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What You Need to Know About IPv6 in 2017

Expert perspectives on IPv6 growth, when to migrate, security concerns, and more
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April 28, 2017


Many large organizations are IPv6-ready, but most small to mid-size organizations are waiting for the final push from their service providers to deploy. What will push the industry past the tipping point? Should you be preparing your transition now?

In this recorded presentation, Technical Solutions Consultant Kevin Jackson is joined by guest speaker Jeff Harrington, an IT manager who regularly conducts trainings on how to plan, design, and implement IPv6 networks. Jeff shares an overview of IPv6 in 2017, from security concerns to true stories of organizations that have already migrated.

IT's Transition to IPv6

Our 2017 survey of IT professionals revealed that while only 10% of organizations have transitioned to IPv6, now is the perfect time to prepare.

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