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Monitor Anything with an IP Address with Intermapper

Keep an eye on all your hardware, applications, sensors and more
Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
July 12, 2017


No two companies want to monitor the same equipment. Whether you’re an educator looking to monitor mobile devices and smart boards, or a transportation company looking to monitor a distributed network of radio towers, your IT infrastructure is unique. And your network’s constantly growing and changing.

That’s why you need your network monitoring software to monitor both basic equipment (routers, switches, server) and non-standard equipment (IP-enabled sensors, applications, security appliances). This flexible tool also needs to be powerful enough to scale as your network grows.

Find out how Intermapper equips you to monitor everything with an IP address, from traditional to unique devices. In this webinar we cover: 

  • Why modern IT teams need flexible network monitoring
  • 10 common types of equipment you should be monitoring  
  • Unique examples of Intermapper’s advanced monitoring capabilities   
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