On-Demand Webinar

Analyze Traffic Flow with a Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Get visibility into traffic bottlenecks and congestion with bandwidth monitoring
Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
October 20, 2017


Why is this host using 69% of my bandwidth? What’s causing my HTTP ports to spike? Bandwidth monitoring helps you answer these questions. With real-time visibility into traffic data, you can easily identify who or what is consuming all your bandwidth.

Your flows data can tell you a lot about your network activity… and the right bandwidth monitoring tool helps you dig in. In just 30 minutes, we cover:

  • Why flows analysis helps you solve network performance mysteries
  • The benefits of bandwidth monitoring for busy IT teams
  • How to get started with bandwidth monitoring  

If you’ve ever wondered which users, protocols, and applications are draining your bandwidth, now’s your chance to find out. We’ll introduce you to Intermapper, a powerful bandwidth monitoring tool that gives you a complete picture of your network activity. 

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