Network Monitoring in the Healthcare Field

January 19, 2017
Network monitoring software keeps networks and patients healthy

In today’s world, a healthy IT infrastructure is essential to the success of any industry. But it becomes increasingly important when it comes to the healthcare industry, where “business as usual” often involves saving people’s lives. In these situations, the critical significance of the work they do—from entering data on a patient’s file to alerting doctors to urgent needs—necessitates that every component of their network performs optimally at all times. 

With the widespread push towards enterprise technology, the network of a typical healthcare business is both ever-evolving and ever-expanding. These days, it’s normal for healthcare organizations to leverage mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to handle network-based tasks like accessing medical records and having prescriptions submitted. In many ways, future-focused developments like the growing use of mobile technology are improving the functionality of healthcare IT networks. But the growth of such technology is also making these networks more expansive, which presents a greater need for network oversight. If these networks aren’t properly monitored at the administrative level, it can significantly compromise the quality of care they’re able to provide, potentially causing harm to patients. Because of the risks that accompany poor network monitoring, it's imperative that healthcare IT is properly managed with network monitoring software. 

Taking a Proactive Approach to Network Management

Network monitoring software can be an indispensible resource for healthcare organizations. When people’s lives are at stake, you can’t afford to find out about errors or outages as they are occurring—you need to know the potential for these situations ahead of time in order to prevent them. This proactive approach to network management can:

  • Keep your network secure from data breaches and hacks, ensuring sensitive patient data is never lost or compromised
  • Give you real-time views of everything happening in and around your network, keeping you one step ahead of potential errors
  • Alert you when specifically set thresholds are about to be exceeded, letting you take action to remedy issues before they cause major problems

When it comes to patient data like prescriptions, medical histories, or even insurance info, there is no room for error. Using software that gives you an up-to-date picture of your network and alerts you before problems occur is essential to providing reliable, optimal care for the patients who need it. 

Keeping Networks and Patients Healthy with Intermapper

As a comprehensive network monitoring tool, Intermapper has cemented and improved its reputation by delivering monitoring resources that aren't only powerful, but also easy to use and cost-efficient. The fact is that for businesses across industrial sectors, the task of comprehensively overseeing a network will simply prove too cumbersome for a network administrator to handle if it's not backed by a solution that expedites and simplifies the process. Intermapper is that solution, which is why over 25,000 network managers around the globe use it.

In an industrial sector that demands expedient and effective care all the time, comprehensive oversight, and top-tier information security, Intermapper is uniquely suited to meet the needs of healthcare organizations like providers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. For all of these industries, few things are worse than making a mistake that could have been prevented. Here are some of the potential problems for healthcare organizations that can be made easily preventable thanks to InterMapper's tools:

Failed Devices that Patients and Doctors Rely On

In today’s healthcare world, most patient’s medical records are electronic, and those systems need to be monitored and maintained to ensure that data is protected. Furthermore, it’s important that communication and messaging devices like intercoms or email servers are monitored so healthcare officials can reach each other when emergencies occur. But it’s not only computers housing medical records or messaging equipment that needs to be monitored—it’s life-saving medical equipment as well. For example, ventilators can be monitored with Intermapper to alert administrators to a potential error or problem with the device before it fails and consequently, fails to keep a patient safe.

Inaccurate Medical Records

In order for patients to be given the best care possible, their healthcare providers need records that are 100 percent accurate and up-to-date. But if a hospital's network isn't being well-managed, then something like an application failure that leads to incorrect patient data being entered could be overlooked. Also, with the uptick in healthcare-focused cyber attacks, the odds of patient records being targeted and potentially altered by intruders are heightened. Application errors and cyber attacks are probles that can disrupt the accuracy of patient information, which in turn can lead to healthcare that doesn't meet their paticular needs. By identifying potential security threats and remedying network performance issues, Intermapper prevents these problems before they can happen.

A Violation of HIPAA Compliance Standards

Healthcare organizations in the U.S. are required to operate according to HIPAA compliance standards, which are a set of national regulations that govern the protection and security of health information, namely individually identifiable health data. From having data that's unencrypted to suffering an inadvertent employee networking error, there are many conceivable circumstances under which an unprepared healthcare business could find itself facing a HIPAA violation. For healthcare providers, such a violation doesn't only carry potentially massive costs, but often also comes at the expense of organizational reputation, which is a critical thing for healthcare businesses to maintain. Intermapper, however, is HIPAA compliant, which means that users won't have to worry about not meeting compliance mandates. 

When it comes to healthcare, business means protecting life. And in that line of business, only the best network monitoring solution is acceptable. 

How the Healthcare Field Uses Intermapper

Find out how healthcare network consultancy Netzperten uses Intermapper to ensure critical server equipment is always up and running—so medical care can continue uninterrupted.

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