IT as a Competitive Advantage

Efficiency, reliability, and speed are cornerstones to high customer satisfaction, business productivity, innovation, and successful launches of new services - things that give your business a competitive advantage.
June 16, 2015

Make IT a competitive advantage by providing high customer satisfaction, efficient daily operations, and accurate CapEx planning. Build a strategic and tailored plan to increase your IT efficiency, reliability, and speed.

How do you make IT a competitive advantage?

  • Increase IT efficiency - OpEx, CapEx, and staff productivity

    • Efficiency often means doing more with less, but it can also mean optimizing in such a way that you can do far more than you could before. You don't necessarily have to make cuts to see efficiency improve.
  • Successfully launch new revenue-producing services - faster

    • Keep those services up with accurate capacity planning and keep providing them with the assurance that you have allocated the right resources.
  • Invest in IT precisely when and where it is needed

    • Identify the time when capacity will run out or speeds will slow. Then allocate the right resources to avoid an outage or slowdown.
  • Expect greater IT agility and responsiveness

    • When your IT enterprise is running more efficiently, not wasting time fighting preventable fires, you can respond to market trends or business needs.
  • Ensure reliability and high quality of service

    • Maintain your good name by ensuring that your customers will never see a slowdown or outage.


See What These Customers Achieved...

A Fortune 200 insurance company reduced IT costs by 25% while improving call center response by 5 seconds per call.

"The pilot project saved us $5M in hardware expenses alone."

Capacity Manager, Fortune 200 Insurance Company


A Fortune 50 bank does 4x the work while keeping staff flat.

"We have reduced the manual effort per report by over 95%."

IT Manager, Fortune 50 Bank


Verizon sold more phones in the first 2 hours than any other entire day in its history and had zero performance issues.

"All of this was made possible using [HelpSystems] software, as integral part of our day-to-day existence at Verizon Wireless."

Executive Director, Verizon

Make IT a Competitive Advantage Today

Use performance analytics software to analyze IT performance and capacity. Then you'll be able to effectively plan for the future so you can cut costs and avoid risks. Learn how performance analysis software can help.

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