Vityl Capacity Management

Automated Analytics

Automatically integrate and analyze data from existing, disparate sources to understand the health, risk, and efficiency of your entire hybrid IT enterprise in one place.

Vityl Capacity Management Automated Analytics

See a Comprehensive View of Your Hybrid IT Environment

Get an overview of all your performance or capacity information in one place, regardless of technical silos or organizational boundaries. Our unique tool allows seamless integration of multiple sources without requiring you to duplicate data into yet another data store.

Integrate Data from Anywhere

No need to rip and replace data collectors for capacity management analytics. Integrate and use the data you already have, regardless of the source or performance tool used to collect it. The data can originate from on-premises monitoring solutions as well as monitoring from public cloud services—no manual data federation needed.

Automate Complex Analytical Tasks

Automate the analysis and reports you need—average, sum, min/max, standard deviation, order, count, median, Top N, percentile, and more—to recoup hundreds of staff hours. Analyze hundreds to thousands of infrastructure components and focus on what’s important.

Schedule, Publish, and Distribute

Schedule reports to run on their own to keep your teams updated with important information. Share the output analysis in a dashboard, through emails, or in your existing content repository—whatever way works best for you.

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with automated analytics? No problem—you can get started by consulting with one of our experts.

Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized plan detailing your path to capacity management success.

Key Features

Management Dashboard

Build management dashboards like this one to show cost savings possibilities from reclaiming unused physical, virtual, and cloud resources.

Management Dashboard

Atypical CPU Usage

To effectively manage performance, you need to understand what is normal behavior and, more importantly, what is abnormal behavior. Crawl all of your data and use embedded analytics to highlight abnormal behaviors. In this report, you can see where CPU usage has deviated from normal by 10% or more.

Atypical CPU Usage

Filesystem Utilization

Automated analysis is crucial for large IT enterprises to identify problems quickly. In this example, all of the physical and virtual filesystems are analyzed to show filesystem size, used space, percent utilized, and a RAG-based percent free column. The report also indicates the change from the previous analysis period, making it easy to identify problem filesystems.

Filesystem Utilization

Physical System Optimization

Are your servers being used optimally? What is being used and what isn’t? Bucket your systems by CPU usage, Memory, and I/O throughput and vizualize the data in overview charts or a detailed table of individual systems.

Physical System Optimization
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