Timothy Prickett Morgan

Editor in Chief / IT Jungle

Timothy Prickett Morgan is President of Guild Companies Inc and Editor in Chief of its IT Jungle publications. He has been keeping a keen eye on the midrange system and server markets for 15 years, and was one of the founding editors of The Four Hundred, the industry's first subscription-based monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to the IBM AS/400 minicomputer, established in 1989. For several years, he was the midrange industry analyst for Midrange Computing (now defunct), and its editor for Monday Morning iSeries Update, a weekly IBM midrange newsletter, and for Wednesday Windows Update, a weekly Windows enterprise server newsletter.

For the past decade, Prickett Morgan has also performed in-depth market and technical studies on behalf of computer hardware and software vendors that helped them bring their products to the AS/400 market or move them beyond the IBM midrange into the computer market at large.

Contributions From Timothy Prickett Morgan