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Cobalt Strike

Software for Adversary Simulations and Red Team Operations

Replicate the Tactics and Techniques of an Embedded Advanced Adversary


Cobalt Strike is a threat emulation tool for cybersecurity professionals running Adversary Simulations and Red Team exercises. Ideal for measuring your security operations program and incident response capabilities, Cobalt Strike utlilizes its powerful post-exploitation agents and covert channels in order to mimic an advanced threat actor quietly embedded in an IT network. No two engagements are alike with malleable C2 enabling network indicators to emulate different malware and versatile social engineering processes. Realistic scenarios, along with collaboration capabilities and robust reporting features create an enriched Blue Team training experience.

Advanced Adversary Simulations.

While penetration tests focus on access, Cobalt Strike narrows in on the next steps of a threat actor, focusing on post-exploitation, lateral movement, and persistence.

Dynamic Red Team Engagements.

Red Teams can utilize Cobalt Strike to launch a realistic attack, gain persistence, and capture information to demonstrate potential attack paths, ultimately enhancing Security Operations.

All in an Adaptable Framework.

Cobalt Strike is intentionally flexible to enable users to modify scripts, write their own, or create extensions to tailor their experience.

Key Features

Post Exploitation

Execute PowerShell scripts, log keystrokes, take screenshots, download files, and spawn other payloads with Beacon, Cobalt Strike's post-exploitation payload.

Advanced Adversary Simulation

Beacon simulates an embedded attacker, remaining undetected using asynchronous “low and slow” communication and a malleable Command and Control language that can alter network indicators to blend in with normal traffic or cloak its activities.

Browser Pivoting

Cobalt Strike offers a unique approach to man-in-the-browser attacks, hijacking all of a comprimised target's authenticated web sessions.

Intelligence Gathering

Cobalt Strike’s System Profiler can fingerprint a target and discover their internal IP address, applications, plugins, and version information.

Shared Sessions

A shared team server ensures collaborative engagements with real-time communication, host sharing, data capture, and more.

Logging and Reporting

Cobalt Strike has multiple reporting options for data synthesis and further analysis. Report types include:

  • Activity
  • Hosts
  • Indicators of Compromise
  • Sessions
  • Social Engineering
  • Tactics, Techniques, Procedures

Upfront Pricing

New Cobalt Strike licenses cost $3,500 per user for a one year license. Explore our pricing page to see how you can bundle Cobalt Strike with our penetration testing solution, Core Impact, for a discount.

Interoperability and Extensions

Core Impact

Organizations with both Cobalt Strike and Core Impact, Core Security's powerful penetration testing tool, can benefit from interoperability between these two solutions, like session passing and tunneling. Beacon can be deployed from within Core Impact and users can spawn a Core Impact agent from within Cobalt Strike.

Community Kit

Our user community has created multiple extensions that escalate and enhance Cobalt Strike. The Community Kit was created to showcase these projects in a central repository, enabling fellow security professionals to benefit from these extensions.

The Cobalt Strike Origin Story

Raphael Mudge, founder of Cobalt Strike and thought leader within the cybersecurity world, launched the tool in 2012 in order to enable threat-representative security tests. Cobalt Strike was one of the first public Red Team command and control frameworks. In 2020, HelpSystems acquired Cobalt Strike to add to its Core Security portfolio. Today, Cobalt Strike is the go-to Red Team platform for many U.S. government, large business, and consulting organizations.

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