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U.S. Army Approved Software List Includes HelpSystems Network Monitoring Software

US Army approved software list includes Intermapper, a network monitoring solution

It’s never been easy for government and defense agencies to get approval for software choices. The U.S. Army needs to maintain optimal technology performance and ensure the utmost protection, which means they are very selective about the types of applications and systems that they use.

HelpSystems is excited to announce that Intermapper, our network monitoring solution, has landedd on the U.S. Armey approved software list with its recently-awarded Certificate of Networthiness (CON). As an authorized software choice for defense users, Intermapper is a leader in the network monitoring software marketplace. 

Why do defense agencies need network monitoring?

The consequences of network downtime are stiff for any organization. But when you work for an entity under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)—the nation’s largest employer, responsible for maintaining national security during times of peace and times of war—preventing network outages is even more critical. Failure of network devices, such as a core router, switch, or firewall could have devastating and far-reaching outcomes, from communication loss in critical events, unavailability of vital devices or services, or susceptibility to security threats. 

In order to provide reliable uptime, many defense organizations rely on network monitoring tools to monitor devices in real time and alert administrators to abnormal traffic.

What designates U.S. Army approval?

IT decisions in the federal government are more heavily scrutinized than most organizations. The U.S. Army has high standards for the technology that accesses their IT network. Any software used by the U.S. Army or DOD must be authorized and deemed networthy, meaning the solution has been analyzed against a strict set of federal requirements.

The U.S. Army CON program provides defense groups with a list of approved software, hardware, and services that meet a list of specific requirements for security, interoperability, usability, and more.

What can HelpSystems do for defense organizations?

Government and defense agencies can’t operate without network availability. Whatever the size and complexity of your IT network, HelpSystems can give defense agencies the confidence that their network inventory is up to date, devices are operating as they should, and traffic is flowing at normal levels.

With its networthiness designation, Intermapper is now authorized as a trusted network monitoring software solution for any U.S. Army or Defense entity, providing assurance that all standards, guidelines, and regulations are met for utmost performance and security. Read the press release for the full details. 

Network monitoring helps government and defense organizations stay one step ahead of network outages. Get visibility into how your network's performing in real time with Intermapper. Try it free for 30 days.