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By Tom Huntington on August 11, 2020

Your high availability solution is only as solid as your role swaps. You can’t be certain that your systems are switch-ready unless you test. Follow these steps to start testing your role swaps regularly.

Posted on August 11, 2020

In the early days of the internet, cybersecurity was fairly straightforward, with all solutions and strategies geared toward prevention. While prevention remains critical, cybersecurity has also had to evolve, with businesses layering their defenses and regularly evaluating the status of their safeguards to adapt to change—whether those be organizational or within the wider cybersecurity sphere.

User sharing and collaboration
By Brian Pick on August 4, 2020

File sharing and secure collaboration tools are all the rage. Watch out for the security concerns and risks that go along with them.

How Encryption Works
By Brian Pick on July 28, 2020

Encrypting files helps defend against cybersecurity threats. Learn more about how it works and what method, combined with GoAnywhere MFT, is recommended depending on your specific needs.

5 ways to improve your cybersecurity working from home
Posted on July 23, 2020

While cybersecurity when working from home was on the back burner as employees set up their home offices, now’s the time to evaluate whether your organization has the right safeguards in place

By Paul Necklen on July 14, 2020

RPA is changing the nature of business today. And as we advance further into automation this century, organizations need to prepare for how RPA technology will evolve. In this blog, learn three of the biggest things you need to know about the future of RPA technology for your business.

California Consumer Privacy Act
By Brian Pick on July 8, 2020

Are you prepared for the California Consumer Privacy Act? Read more about what it is, and who it impacts.

RPA in banking use cases
By Pat Cameron on June 26, 2020

Watch this example of robotic process automation (RPA) in action and see how easy it is to automate accounting reports with Automate and your accounting system, like Sage 50.

Integrating DLP with MFT
By Brian Pick on June 18, 2020

Discover how integrating data loss prevention (DLP), threat protection, and managed file transfer (MFT) solutions can bolster the security of your sensitive data.

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