User Sharing and Collaboration: Security Concerns, Risks, and How to Securely Collaborate

User sharing and collaboration


Collaboration in the Workspace

Secure collaboration tools that permit the sharing of sensitive data between users are quickly gaining momentum in the world of technology and file transfer.

Although there are many benefits to utilizing these tools in the workspace, with user sharing and secure collaboration comes security concerns and a variety of associated risks.

What is User Sharing and Secure Collaboration?

User and file-sharing technology is a popular way for users to securely exchange sensitive data with other users. This technology can also permit users to collaborate with one another on documents or other relevant materials. However, without the proper controls in place, any organization involved needs to be cautious.

What are the Security Concerns and Risks?

The top two main security concerns and risks with sharing and collaborating on files are:

1. Potential lost control over access and security

If you’re file sharing or looking to collaborate over cloud computing platforms, you must investigate what each platform offers for file security. However, you should never depend on these platforms to fully protect your sensitive data.

Although cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services do offer some out-of-the-box security services, they should not replace the security practices your organization abides by.

Keeping your access and security permissions safe is a big security concern when utilizing file sharing and secure collaboration software like cloud computing platforms. If sensitive data is ever accessed by the wrong user or passed on to a malicious “collaborator,” the results could be disastrous.

The right solution should have the ability to set solid controls about what data users can access and which users can access the data. Having alerts on standby if someone is trying to access something that they shouldn’t be able to can be helpful during a crucial time. Bonus points if you can immediately terminate access rights for any account that has been compromised.

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2. No encryption in place

If you’re going to utilize a file sharing and secure collaboration platform, it needs to be encrypted. Although many of today’s top file sharing and collaboration software options offer some level of encryption, it’s important to understand whether the encryption provided by the secure collaboration tool is comprehensive.

This is especially true for industries like retail and healthcare, where they need to comply with regulations like PCI DSS (retail) and HIPAA and HITECH (healthcare). These standards set the degree for which sensitive data is protected. PCI DSS applies to any company that accepts credit card payments, while HIPAA and HITECH apply to any company that deals with protected health information (PHI).

Without secure, top-notch encryption, these standards cannot be met effectively. This results in avoidable, costly fines and penalties.

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Collaborate More Securely

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) allows users to easily share files and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and trading partners. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, GoAnywhere MFT lets you be in control of your sensitive data.

To securely meet your file sharing and collaboration needs, GoAnywhere MFT provides an abundance of module solutions:

  • Secure Folders – This module allows you to access authorized files and folders conveniently and virtually anywhere through a web browser and transfer files securely over HTTPS. Granular controls allow you to specify user permissions while detailed audit trails and reporting helps you maintain compliance. For additional security, you can add a reverse proxy (GoAnywhere Gateway). This allows server requests without having to open any inbound ports.

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  • Secure Mail – Secure Mail permits you to send messages and files as a secure package on an ad-hoc basis. Messages and file can be downloaded through a secure HTTPS connection, with no file size or file type restrictions.
  • Secure Forms – With Secure Forms you can create custom forms for gathering information and uploading files to your organization. When a form is submitted, the data can be processed securely using GoAnywhere MFT automated Workflows.

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  • GoDrive – This feature is an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solution for your employees and trading partners. Share, revise, track, and synchronize files and folders across Windows, Apple, and Android devices. Advanced secure collaboration features and user controls are all included in this easy-to-use system such as revision tracking, commenting, audit trails, and end-to-end encryption.
  • Mobile Apps - Send ad-hoc file transfers with GoAnywhere MFT using the secure and intuitive GoAnywhere MFT mobile app. Available on Apple and Android devices.
Make the Most of Your Secure File Sharing and Collaboration Needs

GoAnywhere MFT offers a variety of options designed to make the most of your file collaboration needs. From back and forth secure collaboration to revision tracking and commenting, GoAnywhere MFT keeps production up, while keeping strain down.