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Backup and Recovery Assessment

Allow our experts to examine your current backup practices, assess your recovery readiness, and share recommendations.

Kickstart Your Recovery Readiness

A good recovery plan starts with successful backups, and successful backups are the backbone of IBM i. Unfortunately, many IT teams fall short in this area, forgetting essential commands, missing newly created objects, and sometimes skipping backups altogether.

If you’re less than 100% confident in your backup strategy, it’s time to call in the experts.

A Backup and Recovery Assessment conducted by the HelpSystems team is the first step toward rebuilding that confidence. We’ll evaluate your backup and recovery procedures and provide you with a detailed report of expert findings and recommendations that will help you ensure that you are ready to recover.

No Need to Become an Expert

Auditors often require proof of a solid backup and recovery plan, but your procedures might be so scattered that you don’t know where to start. Letting an expert assess your backup practices ensures that it’s done right and saves you time so you can focus on other priorities.

Objectivity Exposes the Gaps

Our experts have seen every kind of backup scenario and know what to look for. While we do interview your internal team, our external approach means there’s no way to inadvertently rely on tribal knowledge or institutional memory.

An Action Plan Brings Peace of Mind

Our experts aren’t just there to poke holes in your backup and recovery practices. We provide a detailed report of your current backups and include recommendations for recovery considerations to help you prioritize opportunities for improvement.

What We’ll Review

As part of our Backup and Recovery Assessment service, our experts will review:

Current backup practices

Daily, weekly, and monthly backups

Offsite media procedures

Recovery strategies

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Get Started

Do you know the gaps in your backup practices? Find out with a Backup and Recovery Assessment.