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IT RPA Use Cases: Automate Manual Processes to Unlock New Levels of Productivity

Repetitive manual tasks are bogging down under-resourced IT teams everywhere, yet projects to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are often focused on improvements in other business areas. Most IT departments have hundreds of tasks that are handled manually or executed using complex scripting and development work that’s nearly impossible to maintain over time. From report generation to file...

Key Considerations in The Ever-Evolving Data Privacy Landscape – The Optimal Technology Mix

Enza Iannopollo, principal analyst at Forrester, recently answered some of the pressing questions we’ve received when it comes to data security, and more importantly building the foundations of your data security strategy. Today we’re looking at what Enza had to say about the prime mix of technologies when it comes to data protection. Q: What mix of technologies do you see as being the optimum for...
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HelpSystems Champions chat about IBM i

In this video, Tom Huntington (Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions), Robin Tatam (Director of Security Technologies), and Amneris Teruel (Senior Expert specializing in IBM i) discuss the current state of IBM i and give their opinion on topics such as Security, Automation, High Availability and Cloud, among others.

Malware, Ransomware, and Viruses vs Your IBM i Server

Many of us have heard that you can’t get a virus on this platform, but the reality is that the integrated file system (IFS) is a tree-like structure. This structure can house Word documents, PDFs, MP3s, JPEG images, and these files can be just as infected on the IBM i server as they can on any Windows work station or server.

How to Extract Data from Websites to Excel Automatically (Tutorial)

Businesses rely on the internet to get all kinds of critical information—from contact information, shipping tracking, competitor pricing, data from portals, and more. And while these tasks seem simple, searching websites and portals and copying and pasting the information into Excel can quickly take up a lot of your precious time. Plus, manually entering data into a spreadsheet is highly prone to...