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Case Study

Alon USA Locks Down the IFS with Powertech Antivirus for IBM i

Like many IBM shops, Alon USA found comfort in the seeming immunity of IBM i to viruses. All PCs in the company were running anti-virus software but, having operated for more than a decade without incident, Alon USA’s IT director saw no need for protective measures on IBM i. Sound familiar?
Case Study

AAA Life Leverages Robot for IT Efficiency

As Senior Systems Engineer, Randy Wittner has over 25 years of experience on IBM i, and AAA Life was not the first place he encountered Robot. “I’ve worked at many companies that have had Robot Schedule, so good market share,” said Wittner. “It’s very reliable, easy to upgrade. It automates a lot for us in our process.”
Case Study

Business Only Broadband Monitors Service to Metro Markets Using Intermapper

"With Intermapper, it is very easy to look at an individual device to make changes and create graphs of usage on the fly. This is very useful when a customer calls with technical issues. We are able to see exactly what is going on with their devices in seconds." - Tim Huffman, Director of Engineering at BOB
Case Study

Robot and Medical Mutual: A Prescription for Success

Medical Mutual has capitalized on its expertise and sound management to grow into a $1 billion company. Underpinning that success is its sound IT infrastructure, automated by Robot products from HelpSystems.
Case Study

Robot Helps Knoll Design for a Better World

With an IT staff of just 34 to support a company with worldwide revenues of about $780 million, Knoll likes to run lean. So, they rely heavily on two of the Robot products: Robot SCHEDULE and Robot REPORTS.