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Download "A Guide to Practical Single Sign On"

The cost of managing user access to data and software applications with user IDs and passwords adds up quickly, but the solution is surprisingly simple. With single sign on (SSO), you can eliminate passwords—and the cost associated with them—by joining your IBM i, AIX, and Linux servers to your Windows domain for authentication. The key to achieving the ROI you want is to use a fresh, direct...

Download "How to Securely Deploy Access Client Solutions (ACS) for IBM i"

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is the newest member of the IBM i Access family, replacing the IBM i Access for Windows client. ACS runs on most operating systems supporting Java. Because ACS uses different technology and deployment approach than IBM i Access for Windows, the considerations for securely deploying ACS are different than IBM i Access for Windows. Some of the considerations for...

Download “Identity & Access Management for IBM i”

Insiders are responsible for 34 percent of data breaches—and insiders are also the most difficult threat to control control on IBM i. You can't lock them out completely because your IBM i users need at least some level of access to do their jobs. So, how do you ensure users have only the access they need without overburdening IT with manual processes that distract from other critical projects? We...

Download "IBM i User Provisioning"

Even when user profiles are painstakingly set up, keeping them consistent and secure can be an uphill battle. All it takes is one over-privileged user and your most critical data could be changed, deleted, or worse. You need help—not only to set up new users with discretion, but also to keep them consistent across roles, departments, and systems. Our exclusive white paper includes expert advice on...