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Reducing Insider Threats Through Administrative Controls

UNIX, Linux, AIX
February 21, 2019


Insider threats are not only difficult to detect, but they pose significant challenges to IT professionals trying to mitigate these dangers. Insider attacks can be both adversarial, like a rogue employee stealing data, or accidental, like a negligent staff member unintentionally misconfiguring a server.

So how does an organization eliminate insider threats without sacrificing productivity? Unlike external attacks, organizations cannot simply deny access to all of their employees. Administrative controls allow you to manage not only who, but how, what, when, and from where data is accessed. Finding an effective solution that works for your culture and can be implemented rapidly and maintained efficiently is essential to business nimbleness.

Join David Dingwall, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist, as he discusses how to tighten security, yet still give users the credentials they need to get their work done.

Learn all about the advantages of simple and powerful administrative controls, such as:

  • Managing accounts and roles
  • Controlling and regulating access
  • Limiting superusers through privileged account management
  • Centralizing log data
  • Remaining in compliance with security regulations
  • Implementing controls quickly without disrupting your business

Dive deep into insider threat prevention.
Get an in-depth look at utilizing administrative controls with Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to defend your organization against insider threats with our guide,  Privileged Insider Threats: 5 Ways to Protect Your Organization with PAM.