On-Demand Webinar

Jumpstart Your Cost Optimization Project

April 13, 2021


When exciting new services get underway, IT can be reduced to a cost center. In an effort to keep services up, leadership adopts a “performance at any cost” mindset and allocates more resources than necessary as an insurance policy against downtime.

But this is not a sustainable strategy, and especially in times like these, your organization needs to focus on controlling costs in every area of the business. The good news is that most organizations have plenty of room to optimize and save when it comes to hybrid IT spend.

Learn the steps to take to create a cost optimization strategy and get buy-in to implement it at your organization. This session will cover:

  • Information and tools you need to get started
  • Tried and true methods of reclaiming IT spend—while maintaining top-notch service delivery
  • Levers to pull to influence organizational change

Watch to learn how to get your cost optimization project underway.

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