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Intro to Insite Analytics

Business Intelligence for All
October 5, 2018


Data is everywhere in your organization and obtaining insight into the data can be challenging. Users often ask IT to find a way to make complex data more accessible and understandable, lifting as many barriers to insight as possible. You need timely, accurate, secure information to make business decisions. And it needs to be easy to access. 

That’s why we’ve introduced a new business intelligence solution… for all. 

All data sources. All users. All you need to make informed business decisions in one place. 

Watch the 45-minute webinar to get familiar with Insite Analytics and the platform for HelpSystems products on which it runs. 

Insite Analytics can: 

  • Empower business users with business data while keeping data secure 
  • Create queries & dashboards for HelpSystems solutions that go beyond what is available in Insite 
  • Visualize data for better understanding of your business or operations 
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