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IBM i Cloud Migration Considerations

Top reasons to look at performance before you leap to the cloud


Imagine your boss says it’s time to migrate to the cloud. He’s excited about being the first on the block, plus it would look good to eliminate the capital expenditure (capex) of your on-prem data center. So, what’s it going to take?

Many businesses are looking to migrate IBM Power workloads to one or more providers in the growing IBM i cloud market. But moving to the cloud isn’t just an infrastructure refresh exercise—you’re re-engineering the underlying architecture of your core business applications.

Watch this recorded webinar where our IBM i experts walk you through the performance configurations you should consider before moving to the cloud, including I/O, CPW, disk, memory, and more! You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify workloads best suited for cloud
  • Sizing techniques designed to avoid excessive charges
  • How to streamline data replication during the transition period
  • Data security risks and how to avoid them
  • Licensing considerations

Moving to the cloud is a big project, and one thing’s for sure: once you’re there, you don’t want to be forced to move back due to performance issues. That’s why it pays to plan carefully for the cloud.

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