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10 Tips for AIX Security

Protect your system with a well defined Security Policy


Use a well-defined security policy to protect your system

Servers running AIX and other operating systems are frequent targets of cyberattacks, according to the Data Breach Investigations Report. From DoS attacks to malware, attackers have a variety of strategies at their disposal. So, what’s your first line of defense?

A well-defined security policy.

A written statement of how your organization plans to protect its IT assets is a requirement for compliance mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and it’s the most effective way to address security issues created by new technologies like mobile devices and social media. Having a security policy in place makes it easier to ensure you have appropriate controls in place to protect mission-critical data.

But how do you even begin defining an AIX security policy if you’re not an expert on AIX security?

Watch this one-hour recorded webinar to learn how to mitigate common threats to your organization’s data and start creating an effective security policy. Cybersecurity expert Robin Tatam will explain the 10 most important issues to consider for setting a strong AIX security policy, including:

  • Securing your front door
  • Setting a strong password policy
  • What you need to monitor on your system
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