Secure Sensitive Data Everywhere It Goes

Vera provides secure file collaboration and digital rights management (DRM). There are hundreds of solutions in the market that can secure your data, but data is rarely good to anyone if it cannot be shared. Vera is the only solution that allows users to share their files securely, with whoever they choose. Users gain the confidence that their data can only be accessed by those they choose, even after it’s open. Vera allows you to collaborate securely while maintaining the seamless user experience that highly productive users demand.

The DRM Features You Need


Automatically secure your sensitive data when it’s shared internally and externally.


Track every time data is accessed throughout it’s lifecycle.


Mitigate compliance risk with full audit trail.


Revoke access to sensitive data and files shared with departing employees and 3rd party providers.

About Vera

Vera is changing the way businesses secure, protect, and share enterprise data.

Vera is the security platform chosen by the Fortune 500 to secure, track, and control sensitive information that needs to be shared externally. With a keen focus on the user experience for employees and security pros alike, Vera can protect any kind of information, no matter how it's stored or shared, anywhere it travels - without affecting how work gets done.

With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption, and strict access controls, Vera's data-centric security solution enables teams to collaborate freely while ensuring the highest levels of security, visibility and control.

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