The ROI of Network Monitoring Software

Make a case for network monitoring with data, tips, and tools.

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If your IT department is like most, every dollar you spend demands a justification. When you want to invest in software, the last thing your boss wants to hear is a deluge of features or benefits. All they want to know is this: What’s the return on investment, and when will we see it?  

If a network monitoring tool is working as it’s supposed to, it will help prevent outages. But how are you supposed to guess the cost of theoretical dangers it could help you avoid, without any idea of their length or severity? Plus, while trying to estimate time or money saved is one thing, how do you quantify better network performance, guaranteed SLAs, or happier customers?

Calculating exact ROI may be impossible, but there’s overwhelming evidence to prove that network monitoring software can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

We can help you make the case for network monitoring to your peers or boss. Keep reading to find out why investing in a network monitoring software solution like Intermapper is the smartest choice you’ll make this year.


How Much Does Downtime Cost? | 6 Ways To Save with Network Monitoring | True Stories | Convince Your Boss 

How Much Does Downtime Cost?

Downtime isn’t cheap; in fact, the costs can be downright exorbitant. Here are some sobering averages of the cost of downtime according to one report:

  • Total cost of unplanned application downtime per year for Fortune 1000 companies = $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion.
  • Hourly cost of infrastructure failure = $100,000.
  • Hourly cost of critical application failure = $500,000 to $1 million.

Unfortunately, calculating ROI is easiest when it’s too late. Remember Telstra’s unfortunate slew of network outages? By the time Telstra pledged to spend $250 million to improve their infrastructure and install monitoring solutions, the failures had already cost them in copious amounts of free data and plummeting customer satisfaction.

Why a Lack of Network Monitoring Can End in Disaster

What if your data closet caught on fire—but you had no idea until 30 minutes later? That’s what happened to Mark, who works in an industrial processing environment in Nebraska. After a power outage occurred, it took Mark half an hour to trace the systems back to the data closet where the fire had started. The damage resulted in equipment losses of close to one million dollars.  

Investing several thousand dollars in network monitoring software could have helped prevent this disaster. Mark would have been notified immediately after the outage occurred. But without the visibility network monitoring software provides, he spent precious time tracing the problem back to its origin.

Before, management had told Mark they couldn’t justify the cost. Now, as Intermapper users, Mark’s team members are firm believers in the ROI network monitoring provides.

Convince Your Boss with These Customizable Slides

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