Calculating ROI

The ROI of Network Monitoring Software

Make a case for network monitoring with data, tips, and tools.

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If your IT department is like most, every dollar you spend demands a justification and network monitoring software is no exception. Understanding and determining ROI doesn't have to be impossible. We can help you make the case for network monitoring to your peers or managment. Keep reading to find out why investing in a network monitoring solution like Intermapper is a smart choice for your organization.

How Much Does Network Downtime Cost?

Downtime isn’t cheap. In fact, the costs can be downright exorbitant. Here are some sobering averages of the cost of downtime according to one report:

  • A single hour of downtime now costs 98% of firms at least $100,000
  • 86% of businesses say that the cost for one hour of downtime is $300,000 or higher.
  • One-in-three organizations say the cost of a single hour of downtime can reach $1 million to over $5 million


Other Factors to Network Monitoring ROI

Downtime is expensive and network monitoring helps reduce the risk. That reason alone makes it easy to see the ROI of a network monitoring solution. But there are other factors to consider when evaluating solutions that can help you see an even greater ROI. Consider the following:

  • Is the licensing model subscription or perpetual?
  • What are the yearly maintenance costs?
  • Can the software scale with you as your organization grows?
  • Is there extra training or services required to get up and running?

Don't Pay for What You Don't Need

Other competitors may charge extra for important features or have packages that make you pay for items you don't need and won't use. This can quickly eat away at your ROI. That’s why Intermapper is priced for everyday network monitoring. Our simple, predictable device-based pricing allows organizations to grow with their changing environments.

Convince Your Boss with These Customizable Slides

This simple six-slide deck includes a customizable slide on your specific IT objectives, the cost of downtime, the ROI of network monitoring, and why Intermapper can help. Use it as a starting point to guide conversations and help justify your software investment.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

The sooner you get started with network monitoring, the quicker you’ll experience the cost savings it provides. Request a tailored quote for your organization today.