Automate for Intermapper

Network issues happen. Fix them fast with monitoring and automation.


The goal of network monitoring is constant awareness of network health—so when IT gets notified of a problem, you can address the issue before anyone is impacted. Network automation tools can cut remediation time from hours to minutes, assure a rapid response to network alerts, and free you from manually making the fix yourself.

Save Time with a Self-Healing Network

Network automation tools make remediation of network issues quick and seamless.

Combine the power of Intermapper alerts and Automate scripts to reduce manual network activities. Whether you’re dealing with a down device, exceeded CPU utilization, or high temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors, Automate for Intermapper gives you network self-healing capabilities for immediate issue resolution.

When an Intermapper alert goes off, Automate will run a command to fix the issue. It’s an instant, seamless way to ensure your network is always performing as it should be.

How One ISP Cut Outages from 2 Hours to 2 Minutes

An internet service provider covering a large rural area had a problem: their remote equipment kept failing, and the only way they got wind of it was through customers calling to complain. Getting a technician out to resolve the issue typically took anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours—making unhappy customers even more dissatisfied during the downtime.

Using Automate for Intermapper, the ISP configured network self-healing, so that whenever an outage occurred, Intermapper alerts would trigger Automate to reset the equipment using telnet. Automating remediation cut their downtime to two minutes on average, saving them time and money and keeping customers happy.

How Does It Work?


Once you’ve installed Intermapper and Automate on the same Windows platform, you'll need to enable the integration. Then it's easy to set up the desired action in Automate, attach it to the correct device, and set Intermapper to trigger the command whenever the alert sounds. Intermapper will receive the alert and execute a call to Automate to complete a pre-defined response. Once the back-end work is done, the products will alert and act together just as you've instructed them to resolve the network issue.

Try a sample task!

Download the sample task below to restart a service with Automate for Intermapper. Watch the video for a quick explanation of how it works.

What Else Can I Automate?

After you’ve experienced the time-savings of Automate for Intermapper, you’ll easily find more opportunities for network automation. Any manual, repetitive network task is a prime candidate, like:

Managing log file creation


Sending reports

Network configuration and provisioning

Reconfiguration of device settings

Performance monitoring

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