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Bumble Bee Seafood Enjoys Easy Implementation and Top-notch Support with Automate Schedule

Bumble Bee Seafood is North America’s largest branded shelf-stable seafood company. Since 2014, Bumble Bee has used Automate Schedule to run jobs spanning SAP systems and Bumble Bee’s network servers. Bumble Bee has an international presence and uses Automate Schedule to manage processes on servers spanning multiple continents.

Intuitive to Set up and Use

Bumble Bee first evaluated Automate Schedule through a 30-day free trial and purchased the scheduler two months later. Systems administrator Rhonda Cole started implementation with non-critical SAP jobs and continued to more critical processes, and was pleased to find that it was simple work to get Automate Schedule jobs running as designed. “It was easy, quick, and freed up a bunch of my time,” said Cole. When she couldn’t figure something out herself, she emailed Automate Support and received detailed instructions on how to achieve her objectives.

Based on the product demonstration she received from HelpSystems, Cole was able to train twelve in-house and seven offshore end users with just a fifteen-minute session and a single informational handout.

Fast, High-Quality Support

In the two years since implementation, Bumble Bee has contacted HelpSystems for technical support about a dozen times, usually to find out how to do something new. Cole simply emails Support and receives an answer within a few hours. Once she even called on a weekend and got a resolution within fifteen minutes.

It was easy, quick, and freed up a bunch of my time.

Rhonda Cole
Systems Administrator
Bumble Bee Seafood

The Daily Benefits of Automate Schedule

Cole mentioned many Automate Schedule features that keep processes running smoothly at Bumble Bee, such as job failure notifications, the ability to handle some failures automatically, and job-specific security options. But Cole wasn’t surprised to discover that Automate Schedule was a good investment for the company. As a long-time user of another HelpSystems product line, Robot, she knew what to expect. “Based on that relationship,” she said, “I knew that they would provide me with a quality product and first-rate support.”

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