Get Started with Intermapper for Free

Our free network monitoring software gives you unlimited monitoring for up to 10 devices

If you manage a small business IT infrastructure, network monitoring can help you stay ahead of scary network outages. Get visibility to find and resolve issues by monitoring your physical and virtual network technology in real time.

Intermapper is a powerful, easy-to-manage enterprise network mapping and monitoring software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We offer a fully-functional free version with sophisticated network mapping, flexible monitoring, and real-time alerting for 10 devices.  

What does this free network monitoring software give me?

You get the same core features we offer in our enterprise Intermapper product:

  • Comprehensive monitoring for 10 devices with an IP address
  • Automatic Layer 2/3 network mapping
  • Real-time performance alerts
  • Free probes to monitor all your device elements
  • Remote network monitoring for your IT team
  • Unlimited map configuration options

Just fill out the form and watch for an email with installation instructions. Within two business days a member of our team will send you a permanent license key. If you haven’t heard from us within 2-3 business days, please check your spam folder.

Want to monitor more devices? Our free 30-day trial lets you monitor up to 500 devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the free version and the free trial?

When you download our free network monitoring software, you get a permanent license key that's good for monitoring up to 10 devices. This key will not expire—use it as long as you need to.

The free 30-day Intermapper trial lets you monitor up to 500 devices. It’s meant to help you decide if one of our paid plans is right for you. After 30 days, your trial key will expire. If you haven’t had enough time to evaluate Intermapper, you can request a new one.

What do organizations use the free version for?

Intermapper's free network monitoring software is perfect for organizations who just want to monitor a few core devices, or who don’t have budget to invest in a paid tool. It's also great if you already have a network monitoring product, but you want to create a visual map of the network with Intermapper.

Can I use it alongside other network monitoring products?

Yes, downloading the free version is a great way to compare Intermapper’s mapping, monitoring, and alerting to any network monitoring solutions you’re already using.

What if I want to monitor more than 10 devices?

You can download our free trial, which allows you to monitor up to 500 devices.

Does the free version include support?

No, this free network monitoring software does not include technical support or access to new feature releases. If you’re interested in adding support to your free license, you can contact us and we can help you add it.