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Programmer working at his laptop with solutions that help increase his productivity

Programmer Productivity

Give programmers solutions to help them work more efficiently at developing applications, managing data, and controlling job schedules on your IBM i system.

Work more efficiently by automating and streamlining tedious operations

Simplify system management with intuitive, user-friendly tools that are easy to set up  

Increase your ROI for IBM i applications with quicker problem resolution and less manual coding 

Why You Need Programmer Productivity Solutions

Two programmers reviewing work on a laptop

Redundant, manual, error-prone—do these words describe the work your programmers are doing? Time is valuable. Without the right tools, managing and maintaining the applications running on your IBM i can become cumbersome and frustrating.

Developers don’t have extra time to spare researching the impact a change could have on other programs before making the edit. Programmers want to find and view database records quickly, but they have better things to do than manually coding custom display programs. And everyone, from operators to IT managers, struggles when information about your IBM i applications is not documented or is hard to locate.   

Whether your team is developing a new software application or simply performing day-to-day systems management, having control, insight, and streamlined workflows for IBM i tasks makes life a whole lot easier for everyone involved.  

Modernize Your RPG Source Code with RPG Toolbox

Modernize your RPG Source Code

RPG Toolbox will modernize your RPG source code with the most up-to-date free form syntax available for your IBM i release. The conversions can be performed from IBM's RDi development environment, PDM or from SEU. The flexibility of the RPG Toolbox allows you to convert entire source members or just blocks of source code within a member.

Increase Productivity on IBM i with Surveyor/400

Maximize the Value of Your IBM i System

Surveyor/400 allows I.T. personnel and end-users to easily work with IBM i data, files, libraries, objects, and reports from within a graphical desktop interface. Powerful security and audit features are included in Surveyor/400 to provide complete control over user activity within the product.

Debug Files Faster Than Ever with Easy View

Easily access and update database files

Programmers don’t have extra time to waste hunting down records and scanning every line of your database for bugs. Make their debugging process faster with a tool that helps you quickly view and update records, display how you want to see the data, and maintain security. For its ease of use, Easy View will quickly become an essential productivity tool for your programmers.  

Create, Manage, and Analyze IBM i Programs with Abstract

Simplify your application development

As you develop and maintain IBM i applications, keeping track of system objects and relationships can become messy, and editing or debugging applications can become time-consuming. Whether you’re making a quick program change or writing a new application from scratch, Abstract simplifies and speeds up the entire development process, helping the development team save time and improving programmer productivity.

Easily Integrate IBM i and PC Data with RPG2SQL Integrator

Accelerate data integration and transfers

Integrating data from IBM i to PC—or vice versa—takes up far too much of your valuable time. There’s simply no need to waste time on manual data entry or replicating databases any longer. RPG2SQL Integrator can help. With this data integration tool, you can boost productivity across your organization and work smarter.

Sync Your Systems with IBM i Office Integrator

Speed up everyday office tasks

Rekeying IBM i data into Microsoft Word is a chore—and an unnecessary one at that. It’s time to check that chore off your list—for good. With IBM i Office Integrator, application integration is simple and far less manual. You can transfer your IBM i data to PC applications and speed up everyday office tasks—from mail merges to document delivery—in a snap.

Set the Date for Time-Sensitive Applications with Anydate

Run IBM i jobs and programs for any date—without upsetting the system

Do you want to test forecasts or re-run payroll? When you need to override the system date and time without affecting currently scheduled jobs, you can move throughout the calendar effortlessly. Anydate allows you to easily run jobs and programs for any date—past, present, or future.

With Anydate you can:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Easily simulate date ranges
  • Automate date simulation at scheduled intervals
  • Test IBM i applications for any date range
  • Trust that other jobs won’t be disrupted