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Programmer Productivity Tool for IBM i

Spot bad data and simplify your debugging process


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Increase Programmer Productivity

Your programmers don’t have time to waste writing data display or database update programs. With programmer productivity tools like Easy View, they can view file data in intuitive, easily-accessible display modes in order to quickly pinpoint problems. It’s easy to view and make changes to files without data file utility (DFU) and native query eating up their most productive hours.

Reestablish Data Integrity

A bug is spotted in payroll. Corrupted files bring down your production environment. When your team needs to react fast, garner confidence from stakeholders by how quickly you can reestablish data integrity. Not needing to manually correct errors or code makes your job easier—plus, audit trails let you put stakeholder concerns to bed (bug-free).

Be Prepared for Auditor Demands

Show proof of any changes that occur on your system to satisfy your auditors. Before/after images of data and easily accessible journal receiver entries create an audit trail. Thanks to this helpful productivity tool, you’ll be ready to meet auditor requirements.

Spot Bad Data, Make Debugging Simpler

Easy record viewing

Try one of ten different ways to view records using four display modes, from spreadsheet to hexadecimal mode. Select the fields you want to work with and you’ll see them side-by-side in the order you select.

Simple data debugging

When you need to correct database files, Easy View takes care of packed fields and hexadecimal conversions for you. Add new records, print or change existing records, and delete records in a flash. Find whatever you’re looking for quickly with customized views and sophisticated scanning.

Ability to define data models

Data models are Easy View’s replacement for display programs. Instead of custom-coding a display program to define how to present records and which operations to perform, you can simply define a data model to show the data how you want to see it—omitting fields, rearranging field order, and defining which fields can be updated, for instance. It’s easy to automate file exports or convert and export file information.

Journal receiver data access

Viewing and auditing changes to your database doesn’t have to take all day. If you’ve ever spent hours converting journal images to a readable format, the Easy View Journal helps you identify changes to critical data and locate hard-to-find bugs within your journal receiver data. Scan before and after images in the original file layout, test update programs, find sources of unauthorized data access, and review entries from your high availability (HA) solution quickly and easily.

Ability to define database security

Keep your data secure with the ability to define global defaults and values for specific user profiles, give programmers access to search for bugs without the power to change the data, and prohibit updates to production libraries. Also, with a complete audit trail of who changed what and when, you can generate reports to keep SOX, HIPAA, and PCI auditors happy.

View Every Type of Data File

See exactly what you want to see

Keyed and arrival sequence files

Logical files built over one or more physical files (including join files)

Source files

DDM files to display databases on remote systems

Multi-member files

Journal receiver contents

Get Started

Increase programmer productivity on your IBM i with a tool that simplifies viewing, updating, and auditing changes to your database files. Request a demo to learn more about the software.