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Webdocs Document Management

Electronic Document Management System Software

Manage all documents and data with a complete, integrated electronic document management system (EDMS)


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400), Cloud 

What is Document Management?

Document management is about more than storage. It's about being able to find and use the data from your documents, having integrated systems, and never having to waste time hunting through a filing cabinet ever again. Get all the background you need to find the right document management solution with The Document Management Guide.

Key Features

Streamline business processes and go paperless by digitally managing the entire lifecycle of documents and data. Capture paper documents and import electronic documents. Manage documents in a secure environment. Distribute documents digitally in just a few clicks.

Store all documents in one place

File documents in your electronic document management system

Manage every single document in one central repository—regardless of system or platform. IBM i spooled files, PC documents, and business system-generated content co-exist in the same document management system.

Manage documents from a browser

Integrate digital document management software with your existing business systems

Bring users together to access, route, and share files anytime, anywhere. Keep your documents on-premises or in the cloud. Plus, browser-based document management gives employees the freedom and flexibility to get work done in the office, at home, or on the road. You can even mark up and approve documents directly in the browser interface.

Integrate your systems and applications

ERP integration with Webdocs software

Webdocs easily integrates with existing business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and line-of-business (LOB) systems. All documents and data from any system can be automatically imported into Webdocs document management system for simple storage.

Index documents

Find documents fast with Webdocs' index and search functionality

Retrieve information quickly with Webdocs. Index-key and full-text search functionality ensure that documents and related content can be found fast. Attach up to 10 search keys to each document for accurate search results. Users can also search within a document. Plus, Webdocs pulls in information to make searching as easy as clicking a “hot button” or function key.

Secure document storage

Secure documents and images with Webdocs advanced security controls

Protect your documents from internal and external threats. Advanced security features ensure that only authorized users are able to view or modify a document. And since all document activity is logged, it’s easy maintain oversight on document processes. Every time a document changes, Webdocs automatically creates a new version, so information is never lost.

Route documents

Create, deliver, and route documents in an electronic document management system

Electronic documents can be reviewed and modified directly in Webdocs. Route documents through basic workflows using the built-in routing engine.

Why Choose Webdocs?


Watch to learn how Webdocs can give you more time to act on information instead of searching for it and dramatically reduce printing, storage, and distribution costs. See how easy it is to use Webdocs to securely store and manage all your documents electronically.

"In our case, we had a single project that justified Webdocs, but then when we started using it we realized that there were 1,001 other things we could do with it. I can see the day when we might get to a paperless office.”

Peter Coliukos
Director of Information Technology
Empire Merchants
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