Forms Management

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Forms Management

Fill out forms quickly, easily, and accurately. Implementing a web-based fillable forms solution helps your organization get the data you need and achieve your goals.

Save time by getting the data you need directly into your systems without rekeying.

Ensure data accuracy by eliminating paper forms and handwritten information.

Simplify processes with easy web-based forms creation and routing.

No Need for Redundant, Manual Data Entry

Forms management makes capturing and storing data easy.

Paper forms are still commonly used by many organizations to capture customer, client, patient, or internal information. Yet, certain steps in paper-based forms processes create slowdowns that your organization simply doesn’t have time for.

Your organization needs information from customers, clients, and/or patients. However, when capturing data involves a paper form, it adds manual work.

Manual data entry consumes far too much employee time. Take into account the initial time it takes an employee to manually rekey data from the form into your systems. Add on the time it takes to interpret handwriting. Add still more time for misinterpreted handwriting—and fixing the errors caused by the misinterpretation. All in all, that time adds up—and no one in your organization has time to spend on a manual process that could easily be automated.

From capture to entry, paper forms management is filled with slowdowns and redundancies. But with an electronic forms management solution, your organization can change all of that.

“Our sales and service people go to customers’ plants frequently. Now, they can be at a customer location, get on the Internet and pop up the information they need. Using any browser, all you need is a password to get at the information. It’s just awesome.”

Gene Bendall
Senior Business Analyst
Wise Alloys

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Make Forms Management Easy

HelpSystems has solutions to help organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With forms management software, you can eliminate redundant data entry by automatically capturing consistent data directly into your systems via web-based fillable forms.