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Packed with Paper and Inefficiencies

A warehouse manager saves time with document creation and assembly

The manufacturing and distribution industries are packed with paper. Routine processes—like receiving an order for a product or picking and packing that product—are quickly bogged down. But to change your processes, you need to change the way that you handle documents—like quotes, orders, and bills of lading.

Quotes and Orders

There’s a lot that goes into order processing and fulfillment. Creating quotes. Capturing orders. Processing orders. Sending orders to the warehouse for picking. Maybe even involving the engineering team to create specs and drawings. Using paper in any—or all—of these steps leads to a serious slowdown in order processing.

Shipping Documents

A shipping and receiving department, especially, can often be categorized as “organized chaos” due to the madness of working with paper documents. Processes in these departments can get complicated fast.

For one, there’s the complication of location. For many companies, the product might be in the warehouse or the distribution center—and they’re rarely the same place. Shipping documents might need to be sent from one location to another before the product can go out. Once the product does go out, a delivery truck gets involved. Then a customer signature needs to be captured on a receiving document—and returned to the right location.

That leaves far too much room for error. Documents might be lost in the process. The product might be delayed. And the customer won’t be happy if that happens. There’s a better way to process orders and deliver products to your customers.

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Invoices and Bills of Lading

Manufacturers and distributors have many types of documents that require signatures and approvals—like invoices and bills of lading.

For one, there are customer signatures that need to be captured at the dock door. If the customer signs paper-based bills of lading, however, it’s then up to the driver to make sure that the documents make it back to the warehouse. The signed bill of lading isn’t immediately available at your company. And once it’s been filed away, it will be hard to find.

The biggest holdup in a paper document routing process is trying to get signatures and keep documents moving through the process. A document waiting for a signature could easily be lost in a pile of paper on someone’s desk—and no one would be the wiser. And it’s unclear to everyone involved as to where exactly the document went missing.

All Documents—And Their Storage System

Your documents may already be electronic. But more likely than not, paper is still everywhere at your company. Documents get printed, stored in filing cabinets, and retrieved when a customer calls.

Sure, it might consume your employees’ time to find documents—but that’s just the way it goes at manufacturers and distributors. Or so you might think…

The reality is different. Paper-based storage doesn’t need to be the status quo for your company any longer.

To stay competitive, simplify processes, and improve efficiency, it’s time for your company to make a change. HelpSystems document management solutions can help. 

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“If a customer calls in and says there is a discrepancy on their order, the customer service rep can call up the packing slip and the pick ticket that the warehouse person used to count and collect the boxes. That whole pack of information can be emailed to the customer in 30 seconds. That efficiency is good for us, it’s good for the customer, and it reflects well on our company."

David Twite
Tara Materials

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Rick Odegard
IT Technical Support Manager
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