Document Management for Manufacturing and Distribution

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A warehouse manager saves time with document creation and assembly

The manufacturing and distribution industry is packed with paper and, as a result, paper-based processes. All of this paper tends to slow everything down, which simply isn’t good for production. In order to be competitive, companies need to change their processes.

But to change their processes, manufacturing and distribution companies need to change the way that they handle documents like:

  • Invoices
  • Bills of lading
  • Job tickets

Some of these documents may already be electronic, but more likely than not, paper is everywhere in your manufacturing and distribution. Documents are stored in filing cabinets where they become difficult to find. Some documents may be lost in a pile on someone’s desk when they should have been approved weeks ago. And employees are wasting too much time trying to track down all of these documents.

HelpSystems Document Management (RJS) can help manufacturing and distribution companies simplify document management, speed up approval and retrieval processes, and maximize productivity by eliminating paper.

Simplify Document Retrieval

Manufacturing and distribution companies may store documents in a variety of places: electronically, in filing cabinets, and in off-site storage facilities. Retrieving a document then involves tracking down the right document in the right place. Depending on where the document was, this a process that can take minutes to hours to days to weeks to complete.

A shipping and receiving department, especially, can often be categorized as “organized chaos” due to the madness of working with paper documents. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

HelpSystems makes document management simple. When all documents are stored in an electronic document management system, any document can be easily retrieved in one quick search. All of the stress and chaos of trying to manage paper documents disappears.

Speed Up Approval Processes

Manufacturing and distribution companies have many types of documents that require signatures and approvals—like invoices and bills of lading.

The biggest holdup in a paper document routing process is trying to get signatures and keep documents moving through the process. A document waiting for a signature could easily be lost in a pile of paper on someone’s desk—and no one would be the wiser. And it’s unclear to everyone involved as to where exactly the document went missing.

An electronic document management system, however, automates the approval process. When an electronic document routes, there is visibility as to where the document is and who has (or has not) approved it. Signature capture happens electronically as well. As a result, the time to approve of a document is significantly shortened.

Maximize Productivity by Eliminating Paper

Employees in manufacturing and distribution companies often spend a significant amount of time tracking down paper and following documents through routing processes. But when you eliminate paper, filing cabinets, and the cumbersome processes that surround them, you also eliminate the time it takes employees to retrieve and approve documents.

Instead, manufacturing and distribution employees can spend their time more productively on their other duties. HelpSystems Document Management (RJS) will take care of keeping track of documents.

“If a customer calls in and says there is a discrepancy on their order, the customer service rep can call up the packing slip and the pick ticket that the warehouse person used to count and collect the boxes. That whole pack of information can be emailed to the customer in 30 seconds. That efficiency is good for us, it’s good for the customer, and it reflects well on our company."

David Twite
Tara Materials
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