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[Customer Exclusive] Robot Health Check

Configuration and housekeeping how-tos for Robot Schedule and Robot Console
November 14, 2018


Robot keeps your IBM i running so efficiently—and reliably—that you never even have to think about it. But maybe you haven’t thought about Robot for too long.

This is a friendly reminder that your Robot Schedule or Robot Console software may be overdue for a health check. It’s time to analyze your implementation and make improvements!

During this user-focused recording, our top product experts address the most common mistakes, including improperly configured purges, old automation instructions, and productivity loss due to unused features. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Use the unused jobs report to assist with cleanup
  • Monitor for expired calendars and date objects
  • Run the Good Morning reports for both products
  • Review reactivity and take advantage of group jobs
  • Analyze message rules duplication
  • Enable product security

See how much farther a well-oiled Robot can take your business—and improve your work-life balance.

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