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IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Confidence You’ll Never Miss an Important Event

Inattention to IBM i messages and events can result in backlogs of website orders, inventory updates, or account transactions—which is never good. Preventing mishaps with automated message monitoring software means you’ll always be notified when critical system events happen, while minor informational messages are suppressed so they don’t clutter your inbox.

Increased Availability for Critical Resources

Ensure that users have the access they need to the system resources and applications they rely on every day. Everything that matters on your system will be monitored at regular intervals and acted upon if a problem is detected, resulting in more uptime so business can run smoothly.

Less Manual Monitoring, More Time

Manually filtering through log files to find important events is time consuming and downright difficult. Robot Console automatically searches message queues, system logs, and critical system resources for anything that could impact system or application performance. When something goes wrong, Robot Console can automatically fix the issue or escalate it, so you can manage by exception. This robust message management software enables you to work more efficiently and have time back in your day to do what matters.

“One thing that changed for us with Robot Console is consistency. Now, certain messages are always answered the same way, rather than having multiple night operators who might answer questions differently. And, the people on call now get a good night’s sleep.”

Jim McDaniels
Assistant Vice President and Computer Operations Manager
Bank of Stockton

Key Features

Automate message management

Message monitoring software for ibm I – robot console

Easily create and implement message management rules without the need for constant operator training. Robot Console can automatically apply rules consistently around the clock, while tracking any actions taken outside of established automation rules.

Keep track of system logs

Monitor system logs with Robot Console

Get a complete picture of your system activities. Robot Console automatically monitors your system logs, giving you visibility into FTP requests, system history (QHST), and the security audit journal (QAUDJRN). Whenever there are issues or potential system violations, you’ll be notified. 

Monitor application logs in the IFS

Monitor application logs in IFS with Robot Console

Many applications direct informational messages, event messages, and errors to log files in the integrated file system (IFS). Make monitoring your IFS directory for log files automatic with Robot Console. Define application log monitors in the graphical user interface (GUI), work with their messages in the message center, and easily start or stop log monitors from the GUI.

Receive real-time messages and escalate critical messages

real-time message monitoring

You won’t get burned by taking your eyes off your message queue anymore. Get real-time notifications of new messages and use two-way messaging to respond directly from any workstation or mobile device. Set messages to escalate to other team members within a reasonable time period so important messages are never missed.

Track and analyze message history

Track message history with Robot Console

Detailed history records provide answers to all your questions about when messages occurred, who the operator was, how long it took to respond to the message, and what the response was. Reports and displays help you spot patterns so you can resolve issues before they become crises.

Know the Status of Your IBM i Resources

Keep an eye on your important system resources for their real-time status, including:








Job and output queues

TCP/IP servers


WebSphere MQ channels, managers, and queues

Manage Messages and Resources Across Your Network

Message monitoring across your systems

Every IBM i virtual machine on every server generates messages for every event that occurs every day—resulting in a lot of messages to manage. Centralize your message management with Robot Network. With Robot Network and Robot Console, you can manage and monitor your entire network of IBM i systems or partitions in a single display. Together, the two solutions make it easy to enjoy complete, centralized, automated control of your IBM i messages resources, and logs.

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