Document Management

Document management and forms management are a breeze for this businesswoman

Document Management

Make it easier to capture, manage, and access documents with document management solutions. Save yourself time, paper, storage space, and headache when you digitize your documents and automate your key business practices.

CAPTURE Scan paper documents and capture information with automated forms.

MANAGE Securely route documents through workflow and approval processes with partial or full automation.

ACCESS Find documents through keyword searches in the web-browser interface. Or tie our solution into your ERP system.

Any document can be funneled into our Document Management solution

Paper documents will always have some role in the modern workplace. But making them the center of your business isn't practical in terms of cost, security, routing, or storage. 

Some organizations have begun a slow transition to digitizing documents manually as a first step toward better document management. However, often they fail to follow a well-defined process, meaning that documents get lost, duplicated, or stuck in a pile on an approver's desk. Paper isn't secure, and it's much harder to track revisions.

Time, accuracy, and even entire documents are lost when your organization uses manual processes. 

Get it all back and then some by automating with document management software.

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“With all of the documents flowing in, it’s easy for me to route them to the right people, without the need for any programming. That’s very helpful.”

Catherine Wilson
Manager of Processing for Graduate and Professional Programs
Ontario Universities' Application Centre

Go Paperless with a Comprehensive Solution

Your organization deserves more than simply an electronic filing cabinet. It's time to scan, store, and retrieve documents with a sophisticated digital system that can do it all.

Document Management and Forms Management software work together

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Start by reading The Document Management Guide for more information on automated processes and workflows.

Document Management by Department

Many different departments benefit from Document Management solutions
Digital document management solutions for capturing, managing, and accessing documents electronically saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces error.
The best place to begin document management solution implementation is the department most overwhelmed by its paper processes, such as:
Accounts Payable benefits from a Document Management solution
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable streamlines processes with a Document Management tool
Accounts Receivable
Going paperless helps Human Resources help the humans better
Human Resources

“The benefit of Webdocs that I value the most is that it gives me access to the information I need—anywhere, anytime.”

David Twite
Tara Materials

Document Management by Industry

Documents are a constant. Every business needs to capture, manage, and distribute documents. Meeting your business needs today requires implementing a document management solution.

HelpSystems document management solutions work in any industry. Our experts will work with you to identify areas to improve your processes and which elements of document management will help you most.

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Your Three Biggest Problems—And How to Solve Them

1. Your workflow is making you work too hard.

2. Manual data entry is a drag.

3. Paper is piling up everywhere—and you're buried under it. 

Automate Your Document and Forms Processes Today

Isn't it about time you simplified your workflow management processes? HelpSystems Document Management helps organizations running on Windows and/or IBM i. With this document management software, you can automate processes like data entry and document routing without lifting a finger.