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Trusty Host Reports and Flashy Client Reports: Get to Know Them Both

Learn when and how to use both reporting options and their unique features 

In Sequel, you have two options when generating a report: a host report and a client report. Host reports are generally the more practical option while client reports have a variety of unique features well suited for more specific use cases.

So how do you know which report to use? And what kind of bells and whistles does a client report offer and when might they be useful?

Join us on August 18th at for an informative webinar in which Sequel experts Sheryl Quinlan and Jackie Daugherty will walk you through:

  • When to use host reports vs client reports
  • How to create both kinds of reports
  • How and when to use special client report features

Register now to make sure you’re using the report that makes the most sense for you!

Aug 18, 2022