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An Introduction to the IBM i Performance Data Investigator

Providing Perspective and Analysis on IBM i Performance


The Performance Data Investigator (a.k.a. Investigate Data) is part of the IBM Navigator Performance tasks. It allows you to graphically view and analyze IBM i performance data, including Collection Services, Job Watcher, Disk Watcher, and Performance Explorer data. 

In this recorded webinar, Dawn May, IBM Client Programs Manager, introduces the major features of the Performance Data Investigator and reviews the latest enhancements. You’ll learn how to:

  • “Investigate Data" to better understand your system’s performance
  • Use the Performance Data Investigator for daily management of IBM i partitions
  • Review high-level health summaries and create performance reports
  • Easily access graphs with just a few clicks of the mouse

This presentation shows simple examples of the types of charts you can find within this easy-to-use performance tool, as well where IBM i users can find Performance Data Investigator, prerequisites you need in order to use it, and the basics on how you use it.

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