Analyzing IBM i Performance Metrics

Take Advantage of Collection Services

System Performance Monitoring on Power Systems Running IBM i (iSeries, AS/400)

Interruption of real-time processing, customer service delays, and missed SLAs and deadlines are all plausible outcomes with all-too-real consequences. Fortunately, IBM i software can help.

The IBM i operating system is very good at supplying system administrators with built-in tools for security, database management, auditing, and journaling. But the operating system has another gem that often goes overlooked: its ability to automatically, continuously, and efficiently collect performance data.

This guide examines critical system metrics for performance that administrators need to monitor and review for real-time performance issues and future bottlenecks. It also looks at the commands associated with performance collection services.

In the absence of a third-party solution, many elements of performance monitoring not achieved by IBM i Navigator's Performance Tool Library can lead to sluggish performance, interruption, and outages.

This paper outlines the most critical features required of a third-party tool and how to incorporate them into your performance monitoring.

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  • How to understand IBM i collection services
  • What your iSeries system status and disk status mean for your performance
  • How to work with your system status metrics